benefits of podium-based Homes

What are the benefits of podium-based Homes?

What is a Podium?

The podium is an elevated platform which is higher than its surroundings and stands out from its immediate surroundings. It's an elevated platform on which a building/ structure rests. The parking garage is located below the residential area, and vice versa; the podium separates the two spaces, namely living and parking.

What is a Podium Slab?

A podium slab is a structural floor of a building. It is also a transfer slab, a transfer slab is a beam that is constructed with a concrete slab which transfers the floor loads to the pillar and support post.

The slab is often built and installed as underground parking, with standard apartment building construction above it. A "podium" delineates the boundary between the two uses, hence the name. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of podium-based homes.

Functions of a Podium slab

  • 1. The steel structure above a podium slab is transferred to the columns and walls below the slab, creating a podium. So, it's a good foundation for a high-rise structure.

  • 2. The building's load-bearing walls and columns will not align with respect to the foundation. Because of this, it has found widespread use in regions prone to earthquakes.

  • 3. The slab (a horizontal separating podium slab) is there to restrict the various uses of the space.

  • 4. The podium allows for greater room for landscaping in the common areas around the building.

  • 5. Isolating the base with a podium is a good idea in earthquake-prone regions.

Now, let's look at Some of the Advantages of the Podium

  • 1.A well-planned podium design improves the social and physical qualities of the living environments. People feel more connected to their neighbourhood when there is a podium garden.

  • 2.It expands the amount of available space; adds a lot of ground-level or basement space for a parking garage.

  • 3.It adds aesthetic value to your building hence increasing the market value of the apartment or building. The outdoor space on podiums can be used to add trees, benches, parks, gardens, and other landscape features.

  • 4.Podiums help save money. The podium has natural ventilation and saves money on mechanical cooling and heating systems.

  • 5.Podiums can shield you from both fire and noise.

  • 6.Water conservation and preventing urban floods are two additional benefits of podiums. It improves the capacity of draining rainwater properly. Using recycled water for plant irrigation reduces the demand for potable water.

We hope this article has helped you analyse and comprehend the various benefits of having a podium, to make an informed decision. At Nilaya Greens you get the option to explore multiple homes that are inclusive of Podiums and provide the best living experience.

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